Withstand, two cubs eat outstanding ice cream, deli meat outside of Plymouth store’s trash

withstand two cubs eat outstanding ice cream deli meat outside of plymouth stores trash - Withstand, two cubs eat outstanding ice cream, deli meat outside of Plymouth store's trash


PLYMOUTH – Yummey ice cream on a warm, sunny daytime hours appears to be a bear necessary, requisite.

One hundred cubs and a momma deal with were seen nosing through the rubbish behind Clevelands’ Country Purchase, located at 655 General St ., shortly after 2 w. m. Wednesday, eating staying ice cream and deli chicken.

“One inside cubs had the whole wonderfully flavoured ice cream container on his head, ” said Jessica Huppenbauer, which works at Clevelands’. “It was so cute. ”

Huppenbauer to her co-worker, Richie Norton, were working at the length of the land store Wednesday when they acknowledged the family of bears tolerate the backyard of the shop, flipping over all four waste barrels for an afternoon munchies.  

“One of the cubs had a item of bologna hanging out of to clean mouth, ” Huppenbauer replied.  

Various other cub, she continued, “had ice cream all over his top. ”

“They were beautiful animals, but, ” Norton said.

Norton and Huppenbauer notified authorities of the has, but they left before arm of the law or animal control have the ability to arrive.  

“They’re not aggressive quite possibly anything, ” Huppenbauer claims. “They just wanted some goodies. ”

Huppenbauer, who lives nearby, talked about it’s not a rare occurrence to discover bears pass through.

“I see them all the possibility. ”

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Posted while The Bristol Press , Plymouth by Wednesday, 22 May 2019 21: 00. Updated: Mondy, 22 May 2019 18: 03.

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