Bristol Airport: Travellers slam airport as queues stretch outside again

Holidaymakers have branded Bristol Airport an ’embarrassment’ after claiming they had been queuing for more than one hour. Photographs show lines of tourists waiting outside the airport, and another passenger says it took more than an hour for their luggage to arrive.

One person claimed that 150 staff members have left their roles at the airport, which is now sparking these issues. They wrote on Twitter: “Daughter currently at Bristol airport – checkin queue so long it’s outside the building! Staff member says lost 150 employees & can’t recruit as pay & conditions rubbish.”

@Eed_eimal wrote: “BristolAirport what the hell is going on with your luggage handling !? Nearly an hour and still no luggage on the collection point. You are an embarrassment to U.K. airports.”

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Bristol Airport has a large number of flights scheduled each day in the hour after 6am – and has been advising passengers they could need to arrive up to three hours before, to get through the various check-ins and security gates.

Bosses at Bristol Airport have previously said they are working with airlines to sort out the ongoing issues of long queues at the check-in and security gates that are regularly frustrating passengers.

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