BRISTOL BITS: Booklet describes great Memorial Boulevard

bristol bits booklet describes great memorial boulevard - BRISTOL BITS: Booklet describes great Memorial Boulevard

With Memorial Day coming and because so many people walk along Memorial Boulevard, I thought I’d give a brief history of some of the roadway. The written content and as well as photo here come from one specific booklet put together by Paul DiNoia with help of his buddy, Joe Morozuk, and the now-vacationing Jay Manewitz of the Bristol Public Local library.

So what’s likely the city’s nearly all beloved roadway – Funeral service Boulevard – wasn’t liked by town folk from the start.

“Not everybody turned out too wild about it, ” said tour guide Mary Dutcher in 2005. “They had to have two referendums on it. ”

Dutcher or other volunteers stationed at variety of monuments went into detail about them. Before the boulevard existed, Dutcher said, the city planner in order to create “a nice entry ways to the city. ”

Industrialist Albert Rockwell stepped forward with an offer to give 1314 acres of land at approximatly South Street and Riverside Avenue for a school inside the city would build a boulevard.

But rapidly two referendums, the city situated the roadway, said Dutcher, paying the $147, 000 tablature. When finished – it had dedicated Nov. 11, 1921 – Memorial Boulevard was considered 14, 000 feet always and 100 feet full.

That is which it, short and sweet, and uncover at it today while having updates, additions and a carnivals department that keeps it eye-catching!

(Note: As long the smile contest To get hoping to get going through e-readers last week, I received per vote for the senior Henry DiNoia so far. Hopefully, a whole lot more names will come this way, either male and female. Who are Bristol’s best smilers? )

Ron Bourgoin

I’m not sure in case if I’ve given Ron virtually any shout out lately, on the contrary he does so much to assist and the military community living in Bristol. I can’t mention the product and all, but I know he can be a member of the very busy Galardón Guard here and -active with the Korean War Masters Association as a great women guy. He’s always main stream and on the positive side of things and also that makes working with him a huge pleasure.

For why Bristol?

Dependent on “Streetscape, ” an informative because interesting booklet written by Frank Adamczyk of the Bristol Beautiful Society, the word Bristol is probably from old English, Brycgstow, meaning, “place by the conduit. ” Due to the English idiom the letter “L” was seen as added and thus the name Bristol. ”

Kevin adds the thought that our personal information Bristol, chosen in 1785, came about due to the original bridge that crossed the Pequabuck at Downs Street. Every comments or thoughts on this unique from readers?

Paul Lafleur

If my math is suitable, this will be Paul Lafleur’s 50th year with the Bristol National Legion baseball program. Started as the assistant manager of the myhomepage team before taking over from Dr . James F. “Doc” Gilhuly, who had held the position for years.

Shout as well as

To Bob Schissler, who called everyone not too long ago. John, I’ve sampled calling you back but have not made contact. When i didn’t want you to picture I forgot you; Yell outs to Bernie O’Keefe and “Mr. Mike” Tracy, who says “hello” to Bob Coffey.


The largest census population increase in Bristol percentage-wise was 116. 4. Which were between 1910 (9, 527) and 1920 (20, 620). The largest number-wise took place computer census in 1960 walked from 45, 499 if you want to 55, 487 in 1970 which was an increase of hunting for, 988 individuals.

Trivia test

Which body of water most likely the larger between Birge’s Water-feature and Pine Lake. Of course, is either of them man-made?

Contact Bob Montgomery at bmontgomery@bristolpress. com or it may be by calling 860-973-1808.

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