BRISTOL BITS: Bristol man is an artist, vocalist and fiddle player

bristol bits bristol man is an artist vocalist and fiddle player - BRISTOL BITS: Bristol man is an artist, vocalist and fiddle player

Ed Little stopped by on Friday with one of his paintings after seeing the “Bristol Bits” photo of a painting by the late Bill Thomson that day which Ray Taillon brought into the office on Thursday. Ed’s work seems similar to that of Bill’s.

Ed is quite the talented fellow, not only painting with watercolors, but also as a vocalist and fiddle player. He’s a member of “Fiddlin’ Around” from Bristol and sings at different occasions, especially during military programs. He’s also active with the Korean War Veterans Association and a couple of months ago some of his paintings were on display at the New England Carousel Museum.

In the small world category, Ed said the last time he saw Ray was likely in 1951 when both were in the U.S. Army and stationed at Camp Pickett, Virginia. I find this interesting, because both live in town and are always all over the place, not having run into one another since Ray ate Ed’s cooking at Camp Pickett 70 years ago.

Anyway, both Ray and Ed are all-around talented guys. Ray has been a successful Senior Olympian, choral group singer and what have you.

Tom Boisvert

I’ve had many comments from readers on the late artist Bill Thomson and one was an email from Tom Boisvert. Tom lived on Arlington Street from the mid 1950s to early 1960s and Bill’s mother and brother lived on the street. Bill was older than Tom and would see him from time-to-time and was aware that he was an artist. With this, Tom asks a question:

“I remember he painted a tree in shades of green for the cover of a publication for some kind of Bristol commemoration during that time. I wonder if anyone else remembers that publication or has a copy?”

Dave Greenleaf

Every once in awhile, I learn something new about Dave Greenleaf, longtime Bristol Central, educator, coach and so many things more for the school. I knew he’d been active with the American Legion, but came across a couple of items which show him as both the chairman of the American Legion Boys State Commission and also the chairman of the Connecticut American Legion baseball program.

Plane crash witness

Gene L. Charette emailed me and recalled the Forestville plane crash:

“I also remember playing on Jeannette Street off of Pine when I heard that plane roaring down. I looked up and the pilot parachuted out of the plane and landed on property which was next to Seleman’s Auto, which was next to the Blue Lantern Restaurant on Broad Street in Forestville. Meanwhile, the plane crashed into a house on Bohemia Street about three houses from the traffic light on Pine Street. I will never forget that day!”

Trivia question

Why did Bristol go from a borough form of government to city in 1911?

Barnes Group

This company is ranked 56th employee-wise out of the top 100 in the state that are headquartered here. There are approximately 5,000 and that includes Barnes affiliations world-wide.

Contact Bob Montgomery at or by calling 860-973-1808.

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