BRISTOL BITS: Grandpa Woodstock is in town

bristol bits grandpa woodstock is in town - BRISTOL BITS: Grandpa Woodstock is in town

Grandpa Woodstock is back in spreading the good word. Former Bristol and Terryville resident, born Allyn Richardson in the mid-1940s, was spotted by one of my sources in the area of Brackett Park on Monday morning. I left word for him to stop by The Bristol Press when he had a chance because my car was in the shop for repairs.

He’s currently residing just outside of Woodstock, New York in the basement of a friend’s home. He’s traveling with “Rosie,” his black Chihuahua stray that he’s been with the past year and a half. An old friend of his from Bristol brought him here to visit for a few days.

“If you don’t like your neighbor,” Woodstock says, “hug him twice. If you love him, hug him once.”

He added that everyone likes Rosie, and the petite canine has a bark worse than her bite.

“She barks all day, but I love her,” Woodstock said. “She never leaves and everybody loves the dog. She sometimes snaps at you and misses, she just sounds mean.”

He sends “peace and love” to everyone here.

Darryl Buchanan

I received an email from Dennis Siegmann, former principal and wrestling coach at Bristol Central, who was just inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. Dennis gets together with one of his former Bristol Central wrestlers, Jim Brault, in the Sarasota, Florida area and has been told that Darryl Buchanan of Bristol will be honored soon.

“Just wanted to give Darryl a shout out on this recognition,” Dennis writes.

Darryl, who played baseball as a member of the Class of 1985 at Bristol Central, will be inducted into the Bryant University Hall of Fame this year. Darryl often visits the Sarasota, Florida area and sees Jim Brault when he does.

Benoit family

Does anyone recall a family from long ago with the last name of Benoit that lived at the beginning of Fifth Street about five or so decades ago? Let me know if you do. Thank you.

Louise’s 95th

There was an invitation only 95th birthday celebration Tuesday for Louise Melluzzo at La France Medical Aesthetics. The card I received – I couldn’t go, Louise, because my car is in the shop – has three photos of her on it, one with a bright yellow coat, another blowing out candles from a previous birthday and the third sitting on Santa’s lap. You have to know Louise.

Kerry Langlais

I was shopping at Stop & Shop off Pine Street on Monday afternoon when I asked one of the ladies there if they had a larger bag for me to put my groceries in. Turns out this woman was Kerry Langlais and she had stepped away from the People’s United Bank counter at the store where she worked.

She was on a break at the time and I mistook her for a Stop & Shop employee. She took my mistake with a smile and told me she would have helped me if that had been possible. Anyway, she had a nice way about her and I’m sure her banking customers feel the same way.

Shout out

To Judy (Plante) Belanger. Judy called here the other day recognizing some of the basketball players in Monday’s “Bristol History Mystery” column. She knew them because she had been a cheerleader at the school where these posing players were from. I’ll announce the school in Monday’s column along with the names of the players.

While chatting with Judy, who I’ve known since grammar school, we covered a number of subjects, including her late husband, Roger. I knew Roger and held him in high esteem for serving in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. As I recall, Roger joined the Marines at the same time with two other fellows from Bristol, Rick Leach and the late Paul Simonik.

Oak Bluffs

There’s a photo of a couple of homes in the area known as Oak Bluffs in the most recent Bristol history book, “Bristol, Connecticut – A Bicentennial History 1785/1985” authored by Bruce Clouette and Matthew Roth and copyrighted in 1984.

I find it interesting that we have different housing developments in town with neighborhoods having nicknames, such as Oak Bluffs. The streets under Oak Bluffs are Cambridge Road, Fern Hill Road, Oak Bluffs Road, Oakwood Circle, Pilgrim Road and Puritan Road.

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