Bristol coronavirus and lockdown rules in full

The Government guidance for coronavirus and lockdown is changing daily as the numbers rise. Cases soared across the UK on Thursday by 6,634 in the country’s highest single-day jump.

A series of new restrictions have been introduced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but there is also local guidance around what we should and shouldn’t do to stop the spread of the virus.

In Bristol, there were 21 new cases reported on Tuesday for the city – the biggest rise in 12 weeks – a further 19 announced on Wednesday and 12 diagnoses confirmed on Thursday, September 24. There are now more than 20 schools across Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset with confirmed cases.

The government’s current guidance is focused on three actions we must all do to keep on protecting each other: keep washing your hands regularly, wear a face covering in enclosed spaces and stay at least 2 metres apart – or 1 metre with a face covering or other precautions.

We have pulled all the local figures, guidance and Government restrictions that apply to Bristol into one place below and will bring you the latest updates every day below.

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Government guidance as of September 24, 2020

The Prime Minister addressed the nation on Tuesday September 22 to update on the latest Government guidance. He said restrictions were likely to remain in place for the next six months.

  • When meeting with people you don’t live with, you can socialise in groups of up to six, which is the current legal limit.
  • The six person limit applies both indoors and outdoors, and includes indoor sports. Outdoor sports can include more participants but only where the event is organised. Plans to allow fans to return to sporting events have been put on hold.
  • The Government states people should continue to maintain social distancing with anyone they do not live with.
  • The Government also advises against sharing a vehicle with those outside your household or social bubble, but there are no current restrictions on how far people can travel.
  • Customers in private hire vehicles and taxis, as well as staff working on public transport and taxi drivers, must wear face coverings.

  • Office workers who can work effectively from home are being advised to do so over the winter.

  • People who are already exempt from the existing face covering obligations, such as because of an underlying health condition, will continue to be exempt from these new obligations.

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  • Pubs, bars and restaurants are no longer allowed to open beyond 10pm and are restricted to table service only, apart from takeaways. This also includes social clubs, casinos, bowling alleys, amusement arcades (and other indoor leisure centres or facilities), funfairs, theme parks, adventure parks and activities, and bingo halls. This will include takeaways but delivery services can continue after 10pm.
  • Businesses must take customers’ contact details so they can be traced if there is an outbreak. They can be fined up to £10,000 if they take reservations of more than six, do not enforce social distancing, or do not take customers’ contact details.

  • Face masks are now mandatory for bar staff and non seated customers, shops workers and waiting staff. You can be fined £200 for not wearing a mask or complying with restrictions.

From Monday, September 28

  • Wedding guest numbers will be limited to 15 people, in groups of six. Funerals can take place with up to 30 people.

You can see all of our coronavirus-related news here, but below is the latest information on cases and local guidance in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.


Total cases (as of September 24): 1,760 (rise of 12).

There were 21 coronavirus cases reported in Bristol on Tuesday – the biggest daily rise in 12 weeks – a further 19 on Wednesday and another 12 on Thursday September 24.

The last time Bristol’s daily numbers surpassed 21 was on July 3, when 547 were recorded as ministers updated how cases were reported.

Number of deaths: 254 in Bristol since the beginning of March, 271 across Bristol’s hospital trusts

Neither of Bristol’s hospital trusts have recorded a new death over the past 24 hours.

Southmead Hospital reported a coronavirus-related death on Tuesday August 25, which was the first in the city for two months.

R number (South West region): 0.9 to 1.6

Bristol Council update

According to the council’s latest update from Tuesday, September 22 Bristol’s rate of 13.8 new cases per 100,000 population in the last 7 days (up to September 19) is higher than for the previous 7 days.

The current rate represents 64 positive cases reported over the past 7 days within a population of over 463,000 people.

Bristol’s rate was, as of Tuesday, September 22, lower than England overall (38.5 per 100,000)

The council warns that, due to ongoing issues relating to access to the national testing programme and sporadic delays in the reporting of new positive case numbers to local authorities, they cannot be entirely confident that the case numbers reported always represent the true picture of the incidence of new cases of Covid-19 in Bristol.

New coronavirus rules

These are the fresh measures which come into force in England next week:

– Office workers who can work from home should do so.

– Pubs, bars and restaurants in England will be ordered to close by 10pm each night.

– The hospitality sector will be restricted to table service only.

– Face coverings must be worn in taxis and private hire vehicles, and by retail staff while at work.

– Customers in indoor hospitality will also have to wear face coverings – except while seated at a table to eat or drink.

– The exemptions to the rule of six will be reduced, banning indoor team sport – such as indoor five-a-side football matches.

– The planned return of spectators to sports venues will now not go ahead from October 1.

– Wedding ceremonies and receptions will be capped at 15 people from Monday.

Local guidance

The council has warned the majority of the increase in new cases seen since August appears to be linked to ‘unlocking’, travel and social mixing.

Bristol City Council asks individuals, families or employees recently returned from travel abroad or holidays in the UK to be extra vigilant.

“Please remember that mixing in families and in social groups can spread the virus – and take care to maintain social distance and social bubbles,” it says.

“New government guidance that came in to effect on Monday 14th September limits the numbers of people who can meet up to no more than 6 people in most circumstances.

“We continue to see a number of positive cases of Covid-19 in Bristol’s schools.

“Bristol City Council is working closely with these schools and Public Health England to ensure that these situations are investigated and managed appropriately.”

There are restrictions on when and how you can use our reuse and recycling centres in the city and the council is only handling emergency cases at the Citizen Service Point.

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South Gloucestershire

Cases: 971 (rise of 1)

Number of deaths: 170

Local guidance

Get all the latest guidance from South Gloucestershire council here.

South Gloucestershire is only two more coronavirus cases a day away from potential government intervention – one step before lockdown.

Director of public health Sara Blackmore told councillors and local NHS and care chiefs on Monday (September 21) that the district had 46 new cases over the previous seven days, taking its rate to 16 per 100,000 residents.

That is higher than the average for the region and the wider South West but lower than England overall, which is about 38.

Coronavirus latest

North Somerset

Cases: 1,110 (rise of 10)

Number of deaths: 151

Local guidance

Get all the latest guidance from North Somerset Council here.

New week-on-week statistics have recorded a double-figure jump in the number of cases in North Somerset.

The seven-day rolling average has been published for every local authority in England, calculated by the Press Association using government figures.

Accounting for the seven days to September 19, the figures are based on tests carried out in laboratories and in the wider community.

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