Bristol Dry Gin’s ‘looting and shooting’ advert criticised

bristol dry gins looting and shooting advert criticised - Bristol Dry Gin's 'looting and shooting' advert criticisedImage copyright Twitter
Image caption The advert was criticised online, with internet users calling it “tasteless”

A gin company has been widely criticised after posting an advert online which referenced a tweet by Donald Trump about “shooting and looting”.

Bristol Dry Gin’s advert said rioters would like its “high flammability” amid widespread protests in the US about the death of George Floyd.

A retailer and a cafe said they had removed the gin from sale.

The firm apologised and said it was “way out of line.”

The Bristol Pantry has removed the company as a supplier while vegan deli Flip said it had “no intention of continuing stock”.

The phrase “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” was coined by Miami Police Chief Walter Headley in 1967, in reference to his aggressive policing policies in black neighbourhoods.

President Trump’s tweet using the phrase was recently hidden by Twitter for “glorifying violence.”

This is not the first time the company has courted controversy, with an apology over a ‘Novichok’ vodka range in 2018, posted around the time of the Salisbury Novichok poisonings.

Twitter users criticised the gin company’s adverts, which have since been deleted.

Bristol Dry Gin said it was “way out of line with a recent post which made light of the very serious situation, and follow up messages”.

“We’re really sorry, we clearly caused major offence,” it added.

“It doesn’t change anything but we’ve today made a donation to Black Lives Matter, who have been very helpful.

“We have been in contact with SARI (Stand Against Racism and Inequality) in Bristol to support their work with profits from the gin.”

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