Bristol man accused of trying to attacks man in Rockwell Park on presence of police officer

bristol man accused of trying to attacks man in rockwell park on presence of police officer - Bristol man accused of trying to attacks man in Rockwell Park on presence of police officer


BRISTOL – That Bristol man was arrested Friday after allegedly trying to punch a new man in front of a police officer within Rockwell Park.

Christian Garcia, 25, of 15 Talmadge St ., ignored an officer’s commands multiple times to back away in two men he had a confrontation with at the park, according to the authorities report. He faces charges having to do with interfering with an officer and second-degree breach of peace.

According to the report, an officer entirely on bike patrol noticed three blokes who appeared as though they were probable fight Monday around 6: 24 p. m. at Rockwell Store. The officer told Garcia in order to really back away from the other two grown-up, but he continued to yell at them, the report had to talk about.

The officer also told the other two men and back away from Garcia, who authorities said appeared intoxicated. Police menti one d they complied.

As policeman was attempting to speak with the 2 main men, Garcia ran up on the the officer and tried to bargain one of them in the face, the report assumed. In response, one of the two men smacked Garcia in the mouth.

The type of officer grabbed Garcia and combine pull him away from the two gentlemen, telling him four or five times to get his hands behind his reverse. Police said Garcia tried to distance themself and approach the men. After add to officers arrived, Garcia was handcuffed and brought into a police easy riding bike.

During the scuffle, both of them men left the area and could not possible be found or identified.

According to police, Garcia admitted he consumed some beers and a mystery amount of Hennessey prior to the incident. They are being held on $1, 500 bond and is scheduled to appear about Bristol Superior Court on April 27.

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