Bristol, New Britain leaders against taking out fee to photograph documents

bristol new britain leaders against taking out fee to photograph documents - Bristol, New Britain leaders against taking out fee to photograph documents

BRISTOL – A state law that allows municipalities to charge $20 when considering using your cell phone to photograph vital records may not be popular with the public, but the perfect proposed bill to eliminate the flat fee isn’t popular with local municipal community heads.

“HB 6876: An Act Concerning the Copying of Public Records by Using a Hand-Held Scanner, ” seeks to allow a public records system to use their cell phone or most other handheld scanner to copy government facts free of charge.

The General Assembly’s Government Administration & Elections Panel unanimously approved the bill. However , the check was then referred to the Committee in charge of a particular competition, golf course, rules of golf committee, etc. on Planning and Development across April 10, which has taken simply action on it. With the 2019 believe legislative regular session scheduled to dissolve June 5, it’s unlikely the bill will go any further.

Bristol Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu said our own $20 scan/photo fee for pieces stems from the state Freedom of Information Commission’s regulations, originally instituted in 2009 as a way to reduce the costs for large numbers of repliques for customers, who would otherwise be incurring 50 cents per page a paper copy.

HB 6876 would remove the fee fullyyt for anyone using a phone, camera maybe scanner to make copies, she explained. “I spoke with our city attendant and she reports that this would be a reduced $49, 000 per year for the Bristol Town Clerk’s office. In the case of all of the clerk’s office, revenue received would be put back into the preservation the long records. ”

“Other offices in Bristol that make replications would also have a revenue loss, stuff police department, comptroller, and institution counsel, ” she noted.

“I am all in apoyo of making access to public records easier plus much more affordable, but it is important to keep in mind that is incur staff costs for every FOI request. Staff must compile, go over both hard copy and electronic old vinyl records, and stay with someone who appears directly to examine records to ensure the records generally damaged or taken, ” Zoppo-Sassu said.

“I a specialist believe the FOI Commission should do more to regulate the frivolous health care record of FOI complaints to downsize the use of the FOI laws for personal purposes, ” she added.

Mark Bernacki, who is Novel Britain’s Town/City Clerk and also what is chair of the Connecticut Town Man or women Association, submitted written testimony the other the bill on Feb. 17 to General Assembly’s Government Administration & Elections Committee.

Regarded as, an earlier version of the bill can be allowed a municipal office that can still charge $10 for photographing 201 to 500 pages yet $20 for 501 pages or perhaps.

New Britain Ascendientes Erin Stewart submitted her own piles of written testimony to the committee on Walk 5, stating she “adamantly” contrary the bill.

“By giving rights to users to make copies of court documents for free for up to 200 pages yet charging a fee of no more than $30 for unlimited document scans or just copies, the town clerk’s office is to be losing out on tens of thousands of dollars for just one, ” Stewart said.

“While we don’t want to responsibility users, there needs to be a reasonable commission rate for such services in order to keep in good condition consistent and reasonable services to any or all users, ” she said.

It should be noted that taking written by hand notes when looking at government records outlined free.

Susan Corica can be reached at 860-973-1802 or scorica@bristolpress. com.

Posted in The Bristol Press , Bristol on Sunday, 2 June 2019 21: 27. Updated: Sunday, ii June 2019 21: 30.

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