Bristol protest today LIVE: Trans rights activists stage counter-rally on College Green

Trans rights activists are set to stage a counter-protest against a rally being held on College Green this afternoon (Sunday, June 19).

A group called Standing For Women plans to hold a demonstration in Bristol city centre beginning at 1pm. But they have been labelled ‘transphobic’ by a group called Bristol Against Hate, which has organised a counter-protest beginning at 12pm in the same place.

In a statement which has been widely shared on social media, Bristol Against Hate has written: “Right-wing agitators intend to host a transphobic rally. We are clear: trans rights are human rights and these rights will be defended.”

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Standing for Women’s founder, Kellie-Jay Keen – who also goes by the name Posie Parker – has said that she does not believe trans women are women, and that they should not be recognised as women by law. In a 2018 appearance on ITV This Morning, she said: “I really don’t think you can change sex in any meaningful way”.

Parker has shared the Bristol Against Hate statement on her Instagram page which has more than 15,000 followers, with the caption: “This is why women have to come to Bristol”. Bristol Live approached the group for comment.

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