Bristol toddler gets head stuck in toilet seat

Callum being rescued from potty Image copyright Rachel Smith
Image caption “I’m having these photos framed for his first partner when he’s older,” said Callum’s mum, Rachel Smith

A two-year-old boy had to be rescued by firefighters after getting his head stuck in a toilet seat.

Rachel Smith took her son Callum to Bedminster Fire Station, where he was freed using a large pair of pliers.

She has pledged never to let him forget the experience and plans to frame the photos for his 18th birthday.

“There’s no forgetting this. When he brings his first partner home that photo will be blown up in the hallway for them to see,” she said.

The toddler, who had recently started using the toilet independently, became trapped on Monday afternoon and reappeared initially “looking like he had won the lottery”.

Image copyright Kirsty Smith
Image caption Callum’s trip to the fire station “made his day”

However, it soon became apparent the child seat was quite firmly stuck.

“We tried to get it off, but it was genuinely hurting him, so I called the fire brigade,” said Ms Smith.

“I wouldn’t have allowed them to come to my house in a massive fire truck for the sake of a potty being over his head, no way.

“[The firefighters] were all laughing and making jokes about it. Callum was loving it, they even let him sit in the trucks and play with the lights so it made his day.”

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