Bristol’s Lord Lieutenant Peaches Golding takes up Royal Navy role

Steve Henaghan and Peaches Golding Image copyright Royal Navy
Image caption Peaches Golding OBE, pictured here with Brigadier Jock Fraser, has taken up the role of honorary captain

Bristol’s Lord Lieutenant Peaches Golding OBE has taken up the role of honorary captain with the Royal Navy.

Her role aims to promote and build links between the Royal Navy and Bristol’s diverse communities and its younger people.

Mrs Golding said: “We can knit science, engineering and technology into the curriculum as the Navy has lots of resources and role models.”

She will carry out the role alongside her Lord Lieutenant responsibilities.

The Deputy Naval Regional Commander Wales & Western England, Steve Henaghan, said: “She’s highly experienced from a corporate background and alongside the Lord Lieutenant’s role she’s worked in a vast array of communities.

“Some of these communities are some which the Royal Navy are not so prevalent in.

“The Royal Navy is the nation’s naval service and we would like people to know what we do and how we do it.”

Image copyright Royal Navy
Image caption The new HMS Prince of Wales aircraft carrier is being designed with a “Bristol identity”

The Royal Navy has already been building links with local sports teams, such as the Bristol Bears by holding training sessions together.

“What I see is a Navy that is able to take people and help them to develop their skills, and learn new ones and work in a team in a cohesive way,” Mrs Golding said.

Her appointment builds on Bristol’s affiliation with the HMS Prince of Wales which began three years ago.

The new aircraft carrier will have a “Bristol identity” where areas of the ship will be named after the city’s landmarks.

It will also showcase artwork reflecting the city’s heritage and some areas will be made and designed by local firms.

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