Bus firm sorry for Bristol residential ‘bus depot’

bus firm sorry for bristol residential bus depot - Bus firm sorry for Bristol residential 'bus depot'Image copyright Emma Chappell
Image caption The road is served by the 2a route, which started in August and goes from the city centre to nearby Charlton Road where it terminates

A bus company has apologised to people for using a dead-end road near their homes as an unofficial bus depot.

Emma Chappell, who lives in Siddley Road in Brentry, Bristol, said the noise was so “horrendous” that it woke her baby during a nap.

She said it started last month with “running engines, loud chatting and buses passing every 10 minutes”.

First West of England apologised “for any disruption our vehicles have been causing to local residents”.

The road is served by the firm’s 2a route, which started in August and goes from the city centre to Charlton Road, where it terminates.

‘Three or four buses’

Ms Chappell said: “We’re at the end of Charlton Road. At the beginning of August, I noticed these buses going by.

“It was quite regular, I went to speak to one of the drivers and he said that it was two new routes that had been implemented that terminate a quarter of a mile down the road.”

She said the buses were “all coming to use the space outside of our street to have their breaks”, and added “sometimes there’s three or four buses parked opposite running engines”.

Another resident, who also lives near Charlton Road, said on Twitter, “this is not a place for buses to park”.

Chris Hanson, from First West of England, said: “As this is the end of the route there are occasions where buses will wait a short time at this location before departing on their next journey.

“Many of our vehicles automatically cut out when they are stationary. However if a driver has a vehicle that does not have this facility they are instructed that they should turn the engine off if sitting for more than a minute and we will be reminding all our drivers of this policy in light of this complaint.”

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