CCSU president releases statement on federal lawsuit filed by former campus police officer

ccsu president releases statement on federal lawsuit filed by former campus police officer - CCSU president releases statement on federal lawsuit filed by former campus police officer

NEW BRITAIN – A former veteran officer of the Central Connecticut State University Police Department has filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging she was raped by a fellow officer and that her reports of the alleged incidents to her superiors were not investigated.

The lawsuit was filed by a “Jane Doe” on Tuesday, March 19, with the United State District Court of Connecticut.

The lawsuit states the school chose to allow officers, with “red flags” in their backgrounds, and their supervisors to routinely make sexually graphic comments in the workplace about female students and their coworker, Officer Jane Doe.

An Officer Curtis Lollar raped Doe three times, the lawsuit alleges.

The school didn’t protect officer Doe from officers and supervisors who repeatedly touched her breasts and buttocks in the workplace, the lawsuit states. The lawsuit further alleges the school didn’t discipline the officers who created such an environment and did not properly investigate the acts after Officer Doe reported them to superiors and the Office of Diversity and Equity.

Because of how CCSU handled the situation, Officer Doe said she suffered such severe mental and physical distress that she could no longer work, the lawsuit alleges.

The plaintiff is seeking from the defendants named in the case economic damages, compensatory damages, injunctive relief, punitive damages, attorney’s fees and costs and any other remedy that may appear to be just and proper.

President Zulma Toro, in a statement released to the media, said, “We are limited as to what we can share related to the pending lawsuit, but I do want to express my concern and surprise by some new sexual misconduct accusations against CCSU police officers. We are reviewing the new allegations and will promptly investigate them.”

“There are other claims in the lawsuit that reiterate findings made by both our independent investigators and the review conducted by a law enforcement expert, and we took immediate action last fall to rectify many of them,” Toro continued. “The actions included the firing of Police Officer Curtis Lollar and changing the line of reporting of the police department to me.”

Toro said she also put new leadership in place in the Office of Diversity & Equity as the school moves forward to “reengineer” the office and the Office of Human Resources.

“Sexual harassment training was increased and new policies and procedures related to discipline and background checks were implemented,” Toro continue. “We also hired three new police officers, added staff, and increased the department’s budget.”

“As facts are confirmed, I will take immediate action to protect our students, our faculty, and the entire Central family,” Toro said.

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Posted in The Bristol Press, General News on Thursday, 21 March 2019 10:59. Updated: Thursday, 21 March 2019 11:02.

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