Coronavirus: Artist paints dog portraits for isolated health workers

Image of Camilla Frederick painting
Image caption Camilla Frederick painting decided to paint to cheer up frontline workers, because “we are a dog-loving nation”

An artist has started painting dog portraits for hospital and care home staff isolated away from their four-legged friends.

Camilla Frederick, 66, was inspired after Tom Croft started the #portraitsforNHSheroes campaign.

She has taken on three portraits, including one for care home manager Chris Dando, who has been separated from his dog for a month now.

He said: “It will just be like having a little piece of Stanley with me.”

Mrs Frederick, from Batcombe in Somerset, has been painting for nine years and wanted to do something different from Mr Croft to cheer up frontline workers such as Mr Dando, because “we are a dog-loving nation”.

Image caption Chris Dando runs a care home and hasn’t seen his dog Stanley for a month

Mr Dando has been living in the care home in Cheddar with 23 residents and has not seen his family and dog Stanley since early April.

He said: “It’s such a nice feeling to know that Camilla and other people out there are doing things to make us smile, to help us get through every day.”

The portrait artist normally takes on projects that have a political message but said the pet portraits keep her going just to see the “joy” and “boost” it gives people.

She said: “I’ve tried to manage to capture a little bit of the character of that dog.

“When Chris gets the painting it will be there as a keepsake,” she added.

Mrs Frederick hopes to finish Stanley’s painting soon and is looking for more pet subjects.

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