Coronavirus: Bristol photographer captures ‘resilience’ in lockdown

coronavirus bristol photographer captures resilience in lockdown - Coronavirus: Bristol photographer captures 'resilience' in lockdownImage copyright Jonathan Bowcott
Image caption When Jonathan Bowcott saw a participant of The Covid Chronicles also had a camera he asked them to take a picture of him

A photographer has been documenting people’s lockdown experiences from their doorsteps to reveal their “resilience” during the pandemic.

Jonathan Bowcott, 52, from Bristol, started The Covid Chronicles on his Instagram page to show people’s “positivity” during a difficult time.

Mr Bowcott put out an appeal on social media asking if he could take people’s portraits from a safe distance.

He said the project has given him “new optimism” during lockdown.

Image copyright Jonathan Bowcott
Image caption Ten-year-old Israel who lives with his mum, Ebonie and sister, Theodora, said: “We feel sad when we hear people are unwell but we feel safe at home.”

Mr Bowcott was inspired to start the project after taking a portrait of his parents on their doorstep and seeing “such a mix of emotions in their faces”.

He receives requests on Instagram from people who want to be part of project and then cycles to their home to take their picture.

Image copyright Jonathan Bowcott
Image caption Bristol residents Mia and Ian Gilson became part of the The Covid Chronicles
Image copyright Jonathan Bowcott
Image caption Mr Bowcott said it was wonderful to see the positivity of others during lockdown

Kenah and Stu, who were photographed at their Bristol home, said: “Although we are struggling with these changes to our way of life, it is nice to see what a few weeks of human inaction does to allow nature to recoup and restore.

“Hopefully we can learn from this and our impact won’t be forgotten when we return to normality.”

Image copyright Jonathan Bowcott
Image caption Mr Bowcott’s parents, Gill and Ian, became the inspiration for his photography project

Mr Bowcott added: “Everyone who I photographed showed such a great deal of resilience, they were all very positive and had adapted quickly.”

“This project and experiencing lockdown has been a life-affirming experience and has given me a new optimism.”

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