Coronavirus cases rise in Bristol more than Christmas

coronavirus cases rise in bristol more than christmas - Coronavirus cases rise in Bristol more than Christmas

coronavirus cases rise in bristol more than christmas 2 - Coronavirus cases rise in Bristol more than Christmas

Nearly 150 people confirmed positive for coronavirus while in Bristol in the past 24 hours, newer government figures show.

The data – that had been released this afternoon (December 26) – shows a daily elevate of 144 cases in the Bristol, taking the total number attached to positive Covid-19 tests recent in the city to eighteen, 818.

South Gloucestershire experienced a day-to-day rise of 114 instructions taking the total to twelve, 959 – while 46 positive tests were recorded in Northern Somerset , which gives you the area’s total number pertaining to cases to 5, 284.


The death of two more men from coronavirus in Bristol have been examined since Christmas Eve , taking the total number of death within 28 days of a positive Covid-19 test to 252.

Five coronavirus-related deaths truly registered in South Gloucestershire since Christmas Eve on the list of including one in the past 1 day. This takes the total lot of deaths within 28 times of a positive Covid-19 test in the community to 221.

North Somerset has recorded two coronavirus deaths since Christmas Eve, which brings the total atmosphere to 183.

Cover rate

The government document also shows Bristol any case rate of 181. 1 per 100, 500 after 839 cases experienced been confirmed in the seven days to assist you to December 21 – the just released available data.

In comparison, Sth Gloucestershire’s case rate i visited 194. 7 after 5iphon scam cases were recorded the same time period.

North Somerset had the region’s tallest rate at 200. nine after 432 positive examinations were confirmed in the a week to December 21.

All over the Bristol region, there are third areas with a case judge higher than 400 cases with regard to 100, 000, which towns them in the second tallest category in the government map.

They are Weston Hillside (40 cases, rate 433. 4) and the two Bradley Stoke neighbourhoods – Bradley Stir up North East (50 matters, rate 485. 2) and furthermore Bradley Stoke Central (56 cases, rate 496. 1).

From early November in which to early December, the vast majority of subdivision areas in Bristol, Weston and South Gloucestershire gotten case rates over 400.

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