Coronavirus crisis closes 14 Mosques in Bristol

Azif KhanImage copyright Azif Khan
Image caption Arif Khan has been the chair of Council of Bristol Mosques for thirteen years

Mosques across Bristol have closed to worshippers amid concerns about the coronavirus outbreak.

Fourteen have closed their doors to prevent the spread of the virus.

The decision to close until further notice has been made following a meeting with members of the Council of Bristol Mosques and a representative from Public Health England.

Chair of the Council of Bristol Mosques, Arif Khan said: “It was the hardest decision of my life.”

‘Take precautions’

He said: “We had the presence of nine major masjid [mosques] and about thirty people.

“Considering the current pandemic and health risks we have had to take careful consideration to take precautions.”

Hazrat Bilal centre was the first to close on 19 March saying: “We are requesting all brothers and sisters to pray their daily prayers at home and not attend the Masjid for congregational prayers”.

A congregational prayer normally takes place every Friday and lessons, run in the mosques to teach children the Arabic language and the Qur’an, have also been cancelled.

Al Baseera Mosque and Greenbank Masjid are currently believed to be the only ones open for daily prayers in the city.

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