Coronavirus: Teacher sews reusable headbands for NHS staff

coronavirus teacher sews reusable headbands for nhs staff - Coronavirus: Teacher sews reusable headbands for NHS staffImage copyright Activate Learning
Image caption Catherine Daw spends 10 minutes sewing each headband

A teacher has made hundreds of headbands to help NHS workers forced to wear face masks during the pandemic.

Catherine Daw, from Banbury and Bicester College, started making the reusable headwear after seeing pictures of nurses with sores on their faces.

The headbands reduce rubbing that can happen when face masks are worn for long periods.

Esther Staples, from Cropredy Surgery, said they were “nice and cheerful and brighten up everyone’s day”.

Government guidelines recommend that anyone working within 2m (6ft) of a confirmed or suspected Covid-19 patient should wear an apron, gloves, a surgical mask and eye protection.

But NHS staff working long shifts have shared selfies of their bruised faces after wearing the masks.

Image copyright Activate Learning
Image caption NHS workers have given positive feedback about the headbands

Ms Daw, who spends about 10 minutes sewing each headband, said: “When medical staff have to wear face masks all day, the elastic around their ears often rubs and causes them to have sore ears.

“So, I’ve been making headbands to prevent this.”

She added: “I cannot imagine how they must feel going into work each day at the moment, and although the headbands are a very little thing, every little helps.”

The cotton or polyester bands have been in high demand and Ms Daw has recruited other people from her village to help.

Julie Tinsley, orthopaedic practitioner at North Bristol NHS Trust, said her colleagues “were like locusts” trying to get hold of them.

She said the headbands “keep your hair out of your eyes” and “anchor the face masks on”.

She added: “I’ve worn mine all day and it’s stayed where it is, it’s brilliant and is definitely doing the job.”

Image copyright Activate Learning
Image caption The headbands come in bright colours and have buttons on them

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