‘Disgusting’ booklets posted through Bristol doors

disgusting booklets posted through bristol doors - 'Disgusting' booklets posted through Bristol doors
Image caption The booklets have shocked many in the city after they were posted through doors.

The delivery of “disgusting” anti-Semitic and homophobic books to residents in Bristol is being investigated by police.

The pamphlets, with Chick Publications branding, have been posted through doors on at least three streets.

Residents who have had them delivered are being told report them to police and keep them for evidence.

Redland resident Carol Billinghurst said: “I was so shocked when I opened it up.”

Image caption The booklets have been created by Chick publications

The BBC has asked for a comment from Chick Publications.

Ms Billinghurst, a 59-year-old retired IT worker, continued: “I couldn’t tell what it was at first, then realised it was highly anti-Semitic.

“It was clearly religious too, as there were quotes from the Bible in there. It was just horrendous.

“Then I spoke to other neighbours and realised other people were getting homophobic ones.”

Image caption The booklets are believed to have been created by Chick Publications

Established in 1962 by evangelical Jack Chick, Chick publications produces pamphlets in more than 100 languages.

They claim to spread the gospel, but many of the pamphlets contain derogatory views on Catholics, Muslims, Jews and gay people.

As such the Southern Poverty Law Center, which fights hatred and bigotry, has designated Chick Publications an active hate group.

Image copyright Dylan Woodward
Image caption Dylan Woodward received one of the booklets and felt they were ‘awful’

Cotham resident and Labour candidate Dylan Woodward, said: “They are created in America but can be bought online, so they could be being posted by one individual or a group.

“I don’t believe they are from the local churches. As a gay person myself, I find them particularly disgusting.

“Local residents are putting out different leaflets now on how to report them to police.”

‘Ongoing investigation’

One of the comics – called Home Alone? – contains graphic content on child abuse and homosexuality. Others available on the website tell how Islam is a “false religion”.

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said: “We have received a report about offensive material being distributed in the Redland area in recent days.

“House-to-house enquiries are being undertaken as part of an ongoing investigation.”

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