Former Quinnipiac professor accused of harassing student seeking dismissal, says he suffers psychiatric disability

former quinnipiac professor accused of harassing student seeking dismissal says he suffers psychiatric disability - Former Quinnipiac professor accused of harassing student seeking dismissal, says he suffers psychiatric disability

SOUTHINGTON – A former adjunct professor at Quinnipiac University charged with harassing a Southington woman, who was a student of his, is seeking a dismissal on the basis that he suffers a psychiatric disability.

Tcho Caulker, 41, of West Haven, applied for the supervised diversionary program during a hearing in Bristol Superior Court on Monday. This comes after doing well in the Sierra program – a residential program for individuals with “serious psychiatric disabilities,” according to the website for the Department of Mental Health and addiction services.

Should Caulker be granted the supervised diversionary program, he would be required to continue treatment for as many as two years. The charges against him would be dropped if he was compliant. He will learn on July 17 whether he is eligible for the program and if a judge feels it is appropriate.

Caulker has been arrested twice for allegedly violating a court order that prevents him from contacting one of his ex-students, a Southington woman. Following his arrests, he spent at least 60 days in the Whiting Forensic Hospital, in Middletown, where his competency to understand the proceedings against him was restored, according to court officials.

Caulker was first arrested Sept. 21 for allegedly sending the former student 84 emails between Aug. 9 and Sept. 14. Police allege he said things like “I miss you” and “Are you OK?” in the emails, the warrant said.

Investigators said Caulker was hesitant about answering questions regarding his relationship with the victim. Aside from being in his class, the victim told police, she did not have any kind of relationship with him. 

Following that arrest, Caulker was charged again for allegedly emailing a friend of the victim and professing his love for his former student, according to the arrest warrant.

In the email, which was reported to police on Nov. 3, Caulker talks about how much he loves the victim and cares for her, the warrant said. He also said he finished writing his novel while locked up for his first arrest. The novel, according to the warrant, is called “The Pathway to the Journey,” and is about Caulker and the victim.

“He promises that there has never been anyone else, but (the victim),” police wrote in the warrant. “He stated she is the best thing to ever happen to him and he still misses her more than anything.”

According to court documents, a civil protection order was granted to the victim on July 30, forbidding Caulker from contacting her or “anyone with whom the contact would cause annoyance or alarm.”

Caulker and the victim met while he served as her professor at Quinnipiac, in Hamden. The woman alleges to police that he became “obsessed with her,” the warrant said. He no longer works at the school.

Caulker faces charges of second-degree harassment and two counts of violation of a civil protective order.

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Posted in The Bristol Press, Southington Herald on Monday, 3 June 2019 15:34. Updated: Monday, 3 June 2019 15:37.

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