Huge tree filmed being dragged from the River Avon in Bristol

A huge tree was filmed being dragged from the River Avon in Bristol city centre today (March 12).

According to an eyewitness, it took two hours to dislodge the tree, and pictures show a massive crane pulling it from the river by the Banana Bridge. The tree reportedly became stuck in the river last year, and it was removed today to prevent it dislodging and causing damage to structures downstream.

It has reportedly been monitored and was seen to have moved during the recent storms which battered Bristol, and it has been removed before it causes any problems. A large crowd gathered to watch its removal, with people standing to watch from the nearby roads, the bridge and the surrounding riverbanks.

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Bristol endured many days of stormy weather in February, with red warnings put in place as trees were felled and people were urged to stay indoors.

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