Kill the Bill riots in Bristol today – live updates

Another Kill the Bill protest is set to take place today in Bristol (Saturday, August 6) as activists call on the courts to drop the charges against those convicted after a previous protest turned violent. Earlier this week Bristol Live reported that Avon and Somerset Police were looking to engage with the organisers of the upcoming protest to ensure it is ‘peaceful and lawful’.

So far, 19 people have been jailed after clashes broke out between police and protesters during a demonstration on March 21, 2021. Protesters were demonstrating against the controversial Police, Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill.

Campaigners feel the controversial Bill will limit the right to protest and today’s demonstration is to protest against the prison sentences that those 19 people have received. Those jailed so far have received sentences with a combined total of 74 years and nine months.

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Protestors plan to meet today outside St Peter’s Church in Castle Park at 2pm. Avon and Somerset Police told Bristol Live: “We’re aware of plans for a protest in Bristol on Saturday, August 6, and are making efforts to identify and engage with the organisers.

“We always aim to facilitate peaceful and lawful protests, balancing this fundamental right with the rights of the public to go about their daily lives without significant disruption.”

We’ll be bringing you all the latest on this as we get it. Scroll down for the latest updates in the blog below.

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