Lawyer for Newington restaurant says security measures to be increased following shooting

lawyer for newington restaurant says security measures to be increased following shooting - Lawyer for Newington restaurant says security measures to be increased following shooting

NEWINGTON – A man was wounded by gunfire in the parking lot of Plaza Azteca on the Berlin Turnpike early Tuesday.

The shooting is the second time in three months that someone was injured outside the restaurant.

The man was treated at Waterbury Hospital with a non-life-threatening wound, according to Newington police.

Police responded at about 1 a.m. when a caller reported there had been a brawl in the parking lot and a shot had been fired.

A large number of vehicles were leaving the area, but no victims were found when officers arrived, police said in a press release.

In April, four people were injured outside the restaurant. Two people were stabbed after a brawl involving about 10 people broke out in the restaurant’s parking lot around 2 a.m.. Police have not released any new information on that incident.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim who was shot and we are thankful it resulted in a non-life-threatening injury,” said attorney John Kennelly, of Hartford, who represents the family-owned and operated restaurant chain.

Following this latest violent incident, Kennelly said, the restaurant owner has spoken with Newington police and will be increasing the number of surveillance cameras on the premises, hiring private security for any promoted events and be removing people who hang out in the lot after closing time.

The restaurant has been hosting musical entertainment on Monday nights, but the attorney told The Herald the owners will re-evaluate that and other events to ensure the safety of its patrons.

“Everything is being looked at,” Kennelly said. “This is a safe, quality restaurant that people can go to.”

Plaza Azteca does not have any open complaints with the Department of Consumer Protection, but did have a complaint filed against it in 2017 for unpaid unemployment taxes, according to department spokeswoman Lora Rae Anderson. The restaurant was brought into compliance and paid what was owed.

While the department has jurisdiction over the inside of permitted premises, and not necessarily the parking lot, “in instances like these we do sometimes receive a police referral from local law enforcement,” Anderson said early Tuesday afternoon. “We have not received a referral at this time, but if we do, we will review it and take any necessary action.”

Frank Aieta, the town Planning and Zoning Commission chairman, said any town action against the business would come from law enforcement or the council, as the business is in good standing with all zoning regulations. The restaurant has added private security, an off-duty police officer and a fire department representative for special events such as its Cinco de Mayo celebration, Aieta said.

Mayor Roy Zartarian said given recent events, council leadership will be discussing before the next council meeting what action it could take against the restaurant. That may depend on what the Department of Consumer Protection wants to do, Zartarian said, but something should be done to “clean up” the clientele there.

Kennelly said the restaurant welcomes any inquiry into its business practices.

The people involved are a few bad apples and “knuckleheads,” he said.

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