All watched on his phone as burglar raided his home

all watched on his phone as burglar raided his home - All watched on his phone as burglar raided his home

all watched on his phone as burglar raided his home 2 - All watched on his phone as burglar raided his home

Another householder watched in horror as the intruder plundered from his women.

Prolific burglar Simon Inker entered the flat as Paddock Close, Bradley Stoke , and really helped himself to property.

The occupant had set up every CCTV security camera and, later on receiving an alert on his mobile phone, saw the raid in progress.

He rushed home from start using a colleague, police were called, and in addition Inker was arrested.

All the stolen property was retrieved, Bristol Crown Court heard.


Inker, 44, of Rackham Close up in Bristol, pleaded guilty in direction of burglary committed in April.

Judge Julian Lambert jailed him for three years and six months.

He told Inker: “You have 13 dwelling burglaries showing on list.

“You came up with harsh early life blighted merely addiction to controlled drugs.

“That gives you no right to blight the lives of others by invading their homes and stealing there.

“The terror to distress you engender tends to be life-long. ”

Caighli Taylor, prosecuting, said Inker entered the home and helped him self to computer games and a DVD treasured at £350 to £400

Police called in studied the CCTV, found him localised and arrested him.

A bag containing all the loot, booty was found dumped in a wheelie bin.


The householder paid a statement saying the break-in prepared him feel annoyed and unsafe.

Katie Jenkins, couseling for, said her client was released for a prison sentence in January.

But having been offered operate as a chef in Anglesey having been told to return to Bristol to liase with probation.

Those court heard he then suffered numerous bereavements and lapsed into essense addiction.

Inker work the headlines in 2017 when he posted Instagram selfies boasting more or less his life in prison.

He starred in a connected with images taken on a smuggled electronic camera showing inmates using PlayStations, boiling steaks and taking drugs.

He had been released onto licence by the time the scandal surely and had returned to his residing of crime, committing a cord of burglaries across Bristol.


Police launched a manhunt for him after he breached the terms of his licence and didn’t answer a recall to prison.

But he had in reality gone missing and was committing more burglaries.

He was jailed for four more years after he admitted burgling a house in Fishponds , Bristol,   where he stole a laptop and cash.

Inker also asked Bristol Crown Court to take 12 other offences into account, including four counts of trespassing with intent to steal and eight burglaries.

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