Pink supermoon updates as full moon rises

The moon has risen and it looks super – and it’s going to get even better over the coming hours.

The pink full moon will appear bigger and brighter as the night goes on until it peaks at 4.31am on Tuesday morning.

And we’re going to be there, hoping to catch peak supermoon shortly before sunrise, bringing you the latest pictures.

Of course, the moon is not literally getting bigger, it will just appear that way as the full moon coincides with it being closest to earth on its orbit.

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich has given details of this lunar treat, saying the average distance of the moon from the Earth is 384,400km.

But at 4.24pm on Tuesday, it will be ‘just’ 357,379km away.

And the exact moment of the full moon being closest to this point it also on Tuesday, at 4.31am.

Astronomer Anna Ross said: “This means that the best times to view this supermoon will be anytime during the night of April 27 – when the moon will rise in the east just before sunset and set in the west around sunrise.”

We’ll be bringing you pictures of the supermoon (clouds willing) and sharing more facts and figures about the lunar event, as well as including your pictures and tweets in the blog below

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