Plainville police blotter

plainville police blotter - Plainville police blotter

Joshua M. Jackson, 29, of 146 Milford St . Extension, was imposed May 15 with second-degree breach of peace, third-degree assault, third-degree strangulation/suffocation on top of that second-degree unlawful restraint.

Dale J. Quereux, 47, of 97 Outstanding Britain Ave., was partial May 15 with second-degree larceny.

Bruce Marquis, 53, of 22 Washburn Drive, was commanded (no date listed) with having a nuisance dog.

Garr Puzucki, 19, within 465 Ridge Road, Middletown, was charged May 15 with second-degree failure show up.

Edwin DeJesus, 28, of 155 Shawn Drive, was charged Will probably 16 with fifth-degree larceny and conspiracy to do fifth-degree larceny.

Jordon M. St . Paul-Jones, 19, of 7 Helen St ., was charged May dezesseis with third-degree assault and as a consequence second-degree breach of silence.

Sebastian Some sort of. Anton-Victor, 18, of 50 Lena Ave., was added May 16 with third-degree assault, second-degree breach and are generally peace and third-degree tracking mobile number mischief.

Derrick Gwynn, 22, of 240 Long Hill Cross, Shelton, was charged May seventeen-year-old with possession of less than a half-ounce of marijuana and second-degree failure to appear.

Circulated in The Bristol Press , Plainville on Sunday, 19 Can easily 2019 19: 53. Reorganized: Sunday, 19 May 2019 19: 55.

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