Plymouth mayor: There are not many vacant buildings

plymouth mayor there are not many vacant buildings - Plymouth mayor: There are not many vacant buildings

PLYMOUTH – The Town of Plymouth is pursuing a path of steady economic growth and ensuring that no building remains vacant for long, said Mayor David Merchant.

“I’m pretty optimistic,” said Merchant. “Every year our industrial park is expanding. When I first got here in 2013, the Napco Building was sitting abandoned and Tremco has since taken it over. When I was running for re-election, there wasn’t a single empty building in our industrial park.”

The Nutmeg Spice Company, located at 7 Bombard Court, for example, has expanded twice over the past two or three years Merchant said. They are currently planning a third expansion and to purchase another lot.

Merchant said he is not aware of any businesses closing recently and that there is currently only one vacant building that Merchant knows of – the Graham Tool and Machine building at 9 Container Drive. However, the building is only vacant because Graham Tool and Machine is also expanding.

“They just built a new, 8,000-to-10,000-square-foot building on Lassy Court,” he said. “Also, MPL Solutions, located right next to Graham Tool and Machine’s new building, will be doing a 6,000-square-foot addition this fall.”

Merchant added that there are two other lots, one on Lassy Court and one on Container Drive, which companies are “very interested in.” Although no official paperwork has been signed yet, he said that there should be an update later this summer.

“They are currently doing preliminary engineering studies,” said Merchant.

Plymouth recently sold Main Street School, which had been vacant since 2008, to EdAdvance – a regional education center – for $400,000. Going forward, Merchant says he hopes to sell the town’s other vacant school, Prospect Street School.

“Overall, our buildings are full and we are doing great,” said Merchant. “We still have some town lots available and we’re always getting inquiries. Whenever someone is looking to move to town I talk to them myself.”

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Posted in The Bristol Press, Plymouth on Tuesday, 9 April 2019 20:53. Updated: Tuesday, 9 April 2019 20:56.

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