Snow forecast for Bristol next week

Bristol has been battered by torrential rain this week, causing motorway lane closures, trains to be cancelled and even boats to break away and become wedged under a nearby bridge. Most of Bristol is surely ready for a change in the forecast?

However, rather than a getting a break from the precipitation it looks as though we could be getting snow. According to some snow, as well as rain, is predicted for Thursday (Jan 19).

A mix of rain and snow is predicted throughout the day, the combination likely to leave the roads in icy conditions. The Met Office has predicted a cold snap over the weekend and heading into next week for most of the UK.

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Bristol last had snow in early December, but we missed out on a White Christmas. It appears any snow predicted for next week won’t last very long, and may not settle at all.

Until then we can expect frosty mornings, and some more rain. While the storms of this past week should be over we can still expect more windy days over the next week too.

Ahead of the upcoming weekend a Met Office spokesman said the outlook for the UK from Friday to Sunday is: “Very windy, with showers, most frequent in the northwest, Friday. More persistent rain for a time early Saturday before showery conditions return, these turning wintry in the north. Turning colder.”

After wintry showers and colder weather, from Sunday the temperature will drop even further. The Met Office said: “On Sunday, as temperatures become increasingly cooler … showers are likely to become wintry across the north. A temporary spell of milder conditions is possible across the south midweek, however by the end of the week, most areas should see a return to below-average temperatures.

“These cooler conditions are likely to allow the wintry showers to return, bringing an increasing likelihood of snow across northern regions down to lower levels. Fresh and breezy winds are often likely, becoming stronger at times with a risk of gales.”

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