Stoke Gifford residents’ well-being ‘ruined’ by gym

stoke gifford residents well being ruined by gym - Stoke Gifford residents' well-being 'ruined' by gymImage copyright Amber Daley
Image caption Amber Daly and Kerrie Smith want the council to take action as it gave the gym planning permission

A council has been “negligent” for allowing a gym to move into a block of flats, residents have said.

Tribal Fit gym has been closed since lockdown but hopes to re-open soon, so residents want action take to curb the noise.

The ground floor gym runs cross-fit where the heavy weights dropped on the floor are causing loud thuds and reverberations to the floors above.

South Gloucestershire Council says it is investigating the noise complaints.

‘Uniquely disturbing’

Tribal Fit, based at Cheswick Village in Stoke Gifford, has been closed since lockdown began in March.

Resident Kerrie Smith said the council was “negligent in their duties, they didn’t follow their own policies and procedures with regards to taking into account noise nuisance”.

“Planning permission should never have been granted in the first place without conditions being put in place to reduce the possible effect of the noise on the residents.

“Because it’s their fault, they need to put in those conditions retrospectively and they should foot the bill for that,” added Ms Smith.

Gym owner Jon Maggs said he had bought crash pads to reduce the noise.

A council spokesman said: “There is an ongoing investigation by our environmental health team to determine if there is an issue relating to noise with this particular case, however this is temporarily on hold as the gym is currently shut due to Covid-19 social-distancing restrictions.”

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Image caption The gym opened on the bottom floor of the apartment block in November (picture taken in 2018)

Resident Lewis Watkins said: “Being woken up at 6am by crashing weights is uniquely disturbing, and the vibrations of the weights shaking your living room while you carry on your day is something you cannot ignore.”

Another resident, Amber Daly, said: “I was awoken by really loud music, it was like a nightclub in my flat.”

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