The Bristol street with three petrol stations – and wildly different prices

Petrol prices continue to rise, in Bristol, in Britain, and around the world. But, as we all know, not everywhere’s fuel prices are the same – and nowhere is that more apparent that on Coronation Road in Bristol.

The road, which runs along the south side of the river Avon, has two garages on it, with a third a little further along on what is technically York Road. The three stations have wildly different prices for a litre of fuel.

Shell, furthest to the east, charges 166.9p for a litre of unleaded petrol. Asda, less than a mile to the west, charges 160.7p for the same.

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Both pale in comparison to Texaco, just one mile west of Asda, though. It charges 169.9p for one litre – over 9p per litre more than Asda.

For diesel, Shell charges 177.9p, Asda 172.7p, and Texaco 185.9p. Texaco’s diesel price increased by 2p in just four hours today.

Across the UK, the average price for a litre of unleaded petrol is 165.4p, while a litre of diesel costs, on average, 176.8p. That means Asda is the only Coronation Road fuel station charging below the UK average.

It’s worth shopping around

That Asda Bedminster station is one of the top 10 cheapest fuel stations in Bristol for diesel, but not for petrol. Oil prices have begun to decline from a peak earlier in March, but that is yet to filter through into fuel prices at the pump.

The price of fuel and energy has increased over the past year as western countries emerge from covid-19 lockdowns and economies begin turning again, all at roughly the same time, causing a rise in demand for goods and services. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the sanctions imposed on Russia since, has compounded the issues, sending energy prices yet higher.

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