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Thousands of customers search for local businesses in Gloucestershire, Bristol and the UK each month to help them find the best services. ‘The Traffic SEO’ directory offers over 2,000 local company profile pages.

Upgrading your listing on the ‘The Traffic SEO’ helps you reach new customers, confirms your top-ranked status, differentiates you from the competition, and gets you listed higher on Google and BING for valuable keywords.

Submit a listing and benefit from the thousands of visitors our directory receives daily. Our directory can help you reach out to more people, increasing your chances of providing local services to those in need! We understand that everyone has a different budget that they can allocate to help them grow their business. With that in mind, we offer a variety of packages that offer an increasing level of value.

Why Upgrade?

Anyone can have a free listing, as long as we accept it, but upgrading to a full business listing allows you to login and edit your profile page.

Add social media links
Do-follow website link (Search engine will follow the link)
Add telephone or mobile
Add email address
Add your own BIO / Description
Featured Listing
Upload your own logo
Upload your own cover photo
Increased online brand value
Access to SEO tools from your profile (Only logged in full members can see this)

Upgrade Plan

Get Maximum Business Exposure & SEO Tools!

About Pro Membership

About Pro Membership

Pro Membership is free ONLY for customers who use our main SEO services, and £9 per month for all other companies wishing to join. Pro Member offers all features, login and access to our SEO audit scripts.


Pro Membership Payment

Due to there are already many details on your free listing, to upgrade we simply require the business name and postcode that is currently used on your listing so we can validate your listing, and make sure we upgrade the correct listing. We also require your email for sending you the login details and your full name.

To find your business listing please go to the local members directory, search for your business and then copy the business name and postcode found into the below form, along with the other required details.

To pay using PayPal or credit card imply click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to activate the payment pop-up form. Just fill in the form details and click on ‘Upgrade & Pay’. You will then be redirected to our PayPal payment system.

After payment we will review and then contact you will full login details within 24-48h of upgrading. You will receive an email once this is done. Thank you.


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