125 drivers caught speeding in just 90 minutes on Cricklade Road

SPEED-WATCHING volunteers caught 125 drivers in 90 minutes on a busy road between Cricklade and Swindon.

The Highworth group noticed that its stats suggested Cricklade Road was seeing more examples of speeding on weekends than during the rest of the week, so they ran an extra session.

A spokesman said: “We caught some, then some more, and then they just kept on coming.

“In the end, we reported an unbelievable 125 vehicles for speeding and putting themselves and all other road users at risk.”

Despite this triple-digit figure of lawbreakers, the majority of motorists using the road during that time period – 86 per cent – drove no faster than the legal limit.

A new member of the team explained why she joined and how she fit speed-watching sessions between teaching shifts and being a mum.

She said: “Over the last few years, I have become more aware of the speed of cars on our local roads.

“I feel raising awareness of the impact of speeding by volunteering a few hours each week to support the efforts of the group to slow traffic in our community is a valuable use of my time.

“When I did my first session, I was shocked by the speed of some of the vehicles travelling into our beautiful town.

“There is a total disregard of the speed limits around Highworth by some road users and the presence of the community speedwatch volunteers definitely slows down the general flow of traffic.

“I am proud to be a part of this group and hope others in our local community will join and help fight against the small minority of road users who blatantly ignore the speed limits.”

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