28 glorious pictures as cows released near Stroud

BOVINES have returned to Minchinhampton and we have captured the beautiful cows in all of their glory.

The cows have returned to both Minchinhampton and Rodborough Commons to graze after being kept in sheds and overwintering fields during the colder months.

Each year, Marking Day on May 13 marks the date on or after which graziers can release their livestock to roam the ancient grasslands for the summer.

The free roaming cattle are essential to keep the grasslands rich in nature.

Minchinhampton and Rodborough Commons comprise more than 700 acres of open space, and are recognised as of national and European importance for their limestone grassland.

The National Trust has owned and maintained Minchinhampton Common since 1913 and Rodborough Common since 1937 and has an obligation to protect the landscape, ecology and archaeology of the area.

All images were captured by Simon Pizzey

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