Abandoned van leads to traffic chaos in Tetbury

The road closure of Long Street in Tetbury has now been successfully completed, writes Kevin Painter.

The closure took place from September 1 until September 8, from 7pm to 7am. Although this did initially create confusion and frustration, primarily down to the lack of clarity and planning over the diversion route.

Although as usual the people of Tetbury proved the community spirit by going out to assist confused drivers, and even assisting a double-decker bus that went down a very narrow street (West Street!).

When the work was completed this led to further confusion as there were no markings, making parking a matter of common sense, which unfortunately a few people left in their cars.

Although a red van that had been parked where the roadworks were due to commence caused the biggest disruption by far.

The highway operators were forced to move the vehicle and leave it further along the carriageway.

Unfortunately the van wasn’t left close to the curb, making the road single file only, increasing delays near the town centre.

The police were notified and placed stickers and cones around the vehicle, although they had to wait before they could move the vehicle.

Local businessman Malcolm Philby is the owner of Tetbury Hardware, the unfortunate shop that had the van parked outside it.

Malc said he was delighted that the car has now been moved making the road clear for access and parking, and he would like to thank his loyal customers who supported him through that short challenging time.

In fact the whole town now looks spectacular so it’s an ideal time to visit that quintessential market town Tetbury.

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