Activists to march through town with coffin to ‘mourn’ extinction

activists to march through town with coffin to mourn extinction 1 - Activists to march through town with coffin to 'mourn' extinction

Eco-activists will be marching through Stroud town with a coffin tomorrow.

Extinction Rebellion are planning another funeral march, a protest against inaction on climate change where they ‘mourn’ our planet and the loss of species.

They took to Gloucester for one such march two weeks ago, leaving a coffin outside Shire Hall – the county council’s headquarters – bearing the words ‘our future’.

The group say they are beginning at 11am opposite the bus station, parading through town and ending up at the Subscription Rooms.

Their protest comes the same month as the first global scientific review of insect numbers, published in the journal Biological Conservation, which found that 40 per cent of insect species are declining and a third are endangered.

Organiser Senan Clifford said: “This is the silent spring we were warned about fifty years ago. Insects pollinate the plants on which we depend for our food; marine life keeps our oceans healthy and feed 20 per cent of our populations; trees make the air we breathe.

“We are literally part of a web of interconnections and its destruction will destroy human life.’

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