Anger over Gloucestershire pothole rule

Conservative-run Gloucestershire County Council has been criticised countless times in the past over the state of roads.

But now Andrew Miller a Conservative councillor. has also added his voice to the criticism. He expressed his frustration over how teams go out to repair surfaces but leave nearby potholes without fixing.

The councillor spoke of how GCC only deems defects in the road to be a pothole when they are more than 50mm deep.

He spoke at the corporate overview and scrutiny committee on April 19 of several potholes which were left untouched when highways workers went out to fix Grange Road in his Tuffley ward.

“I’ve had an example quite recently in my area and there were about seven or eight which were 49mm. Within a few feet away from the 51mm one which was done,” he said.

“So, I saw it. I actually drove past as it was being filled.

“When I said, ‘hey this is a success on social media’, everybody said, ‘no it’s not really fixed, they’ve filled the 51mm one and all the other ones which are in exactly the same area, they didn’t fill.

“Now I’ve asked for some patching which will be extra money. I’ve had technical answers why highways do it.

“They only go out with the amount to fill that particular pothole but actually it doesn’t really cut it with the public.”

Deputy council leader Lynden Stowe said he would not undermine the cabinet member for highways Dom Morris.

But explained he is acutely aware of the comment county councillors make and the hundreds of comments parish councils make on a monthly basis about potholes.

“I wouldn’t disagree. We need to somehow look at that practice to see if there is a better way of doing it. I agree with you. I’m never not going to disagree on that one.”

However, deputy chief executive and executive director corporate resources Steve Mawson said: “Just to set some expectations, that’s not something the customer experience group are looking at. That is the work the highways team and Dom are looking at.”

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