Apprentice star Kathryn Burn shows us around her Swindon home

Apprentice finalist Kathryn Burn took viewers through the keyhole of her Swindon home  – and revealed she has no plans to leave the town despite hitting the big time.

The 26-year-old was interviewed by Wigwam Property News at her family home in Liden, having grown up in the area.

In March, millions watched pyjamas entrepreneur Kathryn finish as runner-up to Harpreet Kaur in her bid to become Lord Sugar’s business partner on The Apprentice.

Having previously grown up in a three-bedroom home with her family, they now live in a newly renovated house with her extended family.

“We are very lucky to now live in a lovely house, but we loved that first home I grew up in and have so many happy memories,” Kathryn told Wigwam.

“Now everyone is living with us – mum, dad, my mum’s mum, my dad’s dad, so it’s still a real nice family atmosphere.”

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When asked about her interior style, she said she loves a classic yet modern look.

“I do like things like panelling and dark wooden floors, quite timeless I would say,” said Kathryn.

“I know greys and silvers had a moment and then they went, but I feel if you go with dark floors and neutral colours that stays on trend for a bit longer.”

She then acknowledged the irony of sitting in a grey kitchen – which is shown in the video.

Kathryn calls the big and neutral coloured kitchen ‘the hub of the home’ as that’s usually the place where she and her family entertain their guests.

She then shows the viewers the living room, where the floors are dark and wooden and the walls and painted in neutral colours with panelling – which she did herself.

Kathryn also has her own office in the family home which she uses to run Pyjamaliy – and she has no plans to leave the town for the capital.

She said: “I think Swindon is a great place to have a business.

“It’s an online business so I can move around wherever I need to be, but my fulfilment centre and all my stock is kept in Swindon, and it’s obviously a lot cheaper than other places in the UK like London, and I can keep the costs down that way.”

On her return to everyday life after The Apprentice, she said: “I don’t live a normal 9 to 5 job, I haven’t done since before the process, so I’m going about my same life, I’ve just got this extra little bit on the side, which is going to really cool events, or doing interviews, or photo shoots, all of that.

“But I am still running my pyjama business as normal. It has got busier, but I’m still running that, trying to grow that.”

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