Archway School gets ready to rock you

archway school gets ready to rock you - Archway School gets ready to rock you
archway school gets ready to rock you 2 - Archway School gets ready to rock you

ARCHWAY School is getting ready to rock.

Students are preparing for their whole school production of We Will Rock You, which will be performed on July 9, 10 and 11.

Students are busy rehearsing lines, songs and routines with many also involved in painting the set and organising props and costumes.

The story is set 300 years from now on Planet Mall, where the Killer Queen played by Helena Gardner and her sidekick Kashoggi, played by Katie Pugh rule.

Everybody wears the same clothes and has the same opinions.

The freedom of music and its instruments are forbidden, and rock music is all but unknown.

Those who dare to rebel against the Queen get kidnapped and brain-washed into submission.

However, deep in an underground world, a group of Bohemians led by Britney (Jonah Carter) and Meat (Megan Spiers) are fighting to restore the freedom of thought, fashion, and most importantly, music!

Social outcast Galileo (Joe Mason) is revealed to be the key to unlocking the freedom of Planet Mall.

With his new love interest, Scaramouche, (Josie Archbold) they join the fight.

Together with the Bohemians, they chase legends, determined to overthrow the Killer Queen and bring music back to life.

Will they ever bring music back?

Will the Bohemians ever get their Rhapsody?

The show is set to be fantastic and students would love to see a full house for each evening!

Tickets are available from the school reception – £6 each or four for £20.

Shows start at 7pm.

Miss Monk, Mrs Lee-Allan, Miss Miles and Mrs Russell

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