‘Arrogant’ son-in-law cut out of will, court told

Julie and Brian FairsImage copyright Gloucestershire News Service
Image caption Julie and Brian Fairs deny forgery and fraud

A woman cut her daughter and son-in-law out of her will because she thought he was “arrogant” and “dominated” her daughter, a court has heard.

Julie and Brian Fairs, of Abbotswood Road, Gloucester, are accused of forging Gillian Williams’ signature on to a fake document after her death in May 2017.

Lynn Botchett, Mrs Williams’ sister, told Gloucester Crown Court “she never wanted anything to go to Julie, never”.

The Fairs both deny forgery and fraud.

Mrs Williams changed her will after her son Terence Howitt died, the court heard.

Ms Botchett said there had been ill feeling in the family because Mrs Williams had decided her daughter had gone behind her back to contact her and Terence’s biological father, Stan Howitt.

Mr Howitt received about £25,000 from his son’s estate as it was subject to probate.


Ms Botchett told the court her sister had not planned to leave any of her money to her daughter because she “did not like Brian”.

“She said he was arrogant and cantankerous and wanted everything done his way,” Ms Botchett said.

“She never ever wanted anything to go to Julie, never.”

The court heard the will made with Christopher Davidson Solicitors named three brothers, Martin, Geoffrey and Paul Davies, as beneficiaries.

Prosecutor David Maunder asked if Mrs Williams might have changed her will.

“No way,” Ms Botchett replied. “Gill never changed her will.”

Frank Davies, father of the three men named as beneficiaries in Mrs Williams’ will, said she approached him “about three years at the most before she died”.

He told the court: “She said ‘there is no way I can leave anything to her, she has had everything she is going to get out of me’.”

The trial continues.

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