Artist renovates bus station wall with tribute to Nailsworth

AN ARTIST has completed a painting on the Nailsworth Bus Station wall to pay tribute to the town.

In response to expressed concerns from residents regarding the condition of the previous mural, Nailsworth Town Council approached Stroud District Council and got permission to completely renovate it.

The council then ran a competition for the best design based on Nailsworth’s history.

Four completed designs were put on display so that residents could choose their favourite.

The winning design, ‘Flowing Water and Weaving Cloth’ was painted by David Austin.

David’s design represents the harnessing of water to generate the wealth through industry which established the town of Nailsworth.

Councillor Sally Millett said: “David’s painting was a brilliant design showing the history of the water mills and the weaving of woollen cloth.

“I am sure that we all agree that the finished mural is outstanding.”

Both Nailsworth Primary School and the town information centre in the library also have the two paintings from the runners-up on display.

Members of the Nailsworth Artistic Community came up with a series of images, working from the idea of a patchwork quilt.

These were put together and painted by Gabi Gonsalves onto the six panels making up the mural which hangs in the library.

The third mural ‘Mills, Military and Hobo Poet’ was presented by British Contemporary Artist Louise Borton.

Louise wove historical, contemporary and environmental images into the artwork.

The design was then revised for the school to create a connection for the children with their town.

The fourth design was put forward by a student from Ruskin Mill College, called ‘Nailsworth In Bloom’.

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