B2 Spirit stealth bomber photographed

B-2 Spirit over LewisImage copyright Jason Spinks
Image caption Jason Spinks photographed the B2 Spirit from Lewis

A US Air Force B2 Spirit stealth bomber was photographed as it flew over the Western Isles.

Jason Spinks, an aviation engineer and aircraft enthusiast, took the image from Point on the eastern side of Lewis last Thursday evening.

Crews of three B2s are based at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire while training with UK pilots flying F35 stealth fighters.

Mr Spinks believed the jet he saw was on a flight around the UK.

Image copyright Paul Gale/MoD/PA Media
Image caption B2 Spirit and RAF F35 pilots have been conducting joint training exercises

He said: “I knew there were B2s based at RAF Fairford on exercise so was looking out on the flight trackers for unusual activity.

“Although the B2s themselves don’t track their tankers often do.”

Spotting a tanker over the Highlands on the tracker, Mr Spinks was alerted to the opportunity to look for the B2s over the Western Isles.

He said: “There had been one over in the morning as well but I didn’t manage to catch him.”

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