Bad parking outside Cricklade school blocks fire engine

bad parking outside cricklade school blocks fire engine - Bad parking outside Cricklade school blocks fire engine

BAD parkers in Cricklade stopped a fire engine leaving its station as the road became too narrow for the emergency vehicle.

Firefighters struggled to manoeuvre onto the street outside the fire station in Bath Road earlier this week because there was not enough space.

A snap shared on one of Cricklade’s Facebook groups angered neighbours.

A member of the group said: “This repeat selfish behaviour from parents is unacceptable. 

“People know where they should and should not be parking. How would you feel if the fire service were trying to get to an emergency involving your family? Park sensibly.”

Road safety officer Jane Deeley shared the snap on Twitter and said: “Generally, primary schools are within walking and cycling distance. 

“If you really need to take the car, please park away from the entrance with consideration for the local community. 

“This is not acceptable. One day they might be trying to reach you. 

“Parents regularly park on or block the fire station access at pick-up and drop-off. [It is] more deliberate than just general school gate congestion.”

A spokesman for the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “Every second counts when responding to emergencies .

“Allow a little extra time for your school drop-off or pick-up and park in a less congested area if you need to drive.”

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