Baffled by the interest in heat pumps

I AM baffled by the current publicity for heat pumps.

It is still new technology, but so far is noisy, expensive to install, unsuitable for some homes and out of reach for many others. The government’s planned input will be sufficient for only a small proportion of homes using gas boilers.

“Which” magazine includes a letter with an alternative suggestion. Electric boilers are much cheaper to install, use tried and tested technology, need little maintenance and tick the boxes for environmental credentials.

As far as I can see the only downside at present is that electricity is much more expensive than gas.

However, the difference in cost is already narrowing dramatically, and consumers can take steps to reduce energy consumption. Many homes and businesses can offset the expense as they are suited to produce their own electricity from roof panels. Such photo voltaic cells are becoming less expensive, and could be reduced further by action from our politicians. VAT could be reduced or removed on all items which affect energy consumption. Insulation and PV cells could be manufactured in the UK rather than being imported.

District Councils could intervene by ensuring that Building Regulations insist on better levels of insulation.

PV panels would be cheaper installed in new-build homes and home buyers could spread the cost through their mortgage payments. An extra incentives could be for local taxation to allow homes to move to a cheaper tax band if they meet criteria for energy saving.

J Graham

King’s Stanley

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