Beckhams submit plans for wildlife corridor at £6m Cotswold home

David and Victoria Beckham are seeking planning permission to build a wildlife corridor for birds, bats and bugs at their £6m Cotswold home.

The celebrity duo have submitted an application build an outhouse at their Grade-II listed country house at Maplewood Barn, near Great Tew.

The outdoor building, which will be used as an office and high-tech vehicle storage space, will be designed to have two open frontage bays and an open roof structure to provide an “attractive environment for nesting birds and bats.”

Buggies and quad bikes are listed as examples of the vehicles that would be stored if plans go ahead.

The planning application is currently ‘under consideration’ by West Oxfordshire District Council.

However, in the council’s latest correspondence to the couple, regarding the plans, it has been noted that several measures to enhance native species in the area need to be followed.

The council’s biodiversity officer, Esther Frizell-Armitage, said in her letter last month that this includes adding several specific biodiversity enhancements, which include planting at least six different tree species to create ‘native’ hedgerows around the new development.

The couple will also need to ensure their development contains at least one bird and one bat box on the walls of the new building.

It was also noted that the Beckhams must have ‘a five-year aftercare maintenance plan’ and there must be ‘no external lighting’ that could harm wildlife.

Along with the planning application, the celebrity couple had also uploaded a report from ecology experts AA Environmental Ltd, who had visited Beckham’s home to conduct a survey.

The results of the report claimed that there would be little impact on the bats and ‘apart from a few common species of birds, either recorded on the site or flying overhead, no other species of any note were recorded.’ The Cotswolds mansion, which is estimated to be worth around £6.15 million, has been renovated a number of times over the past few years.

Features of the countryside estate, located close to the private member’s club, Soho Farmhouse, include a huge football pitched, decked out with a spectator stand, an outdoor pool, and a sauna.

It is also said to contain a wine cellar, a plunge pool, and an enormous garage, fitted with flashy cars and a motorbike.

The Beckham family are said to bounce between their Oxfordshire home, a £31 million mansion in London, and a £19 million penthouse in Miami, Florida.

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