Big Solar Co-op launches in Stroud

STROUD is one of just three areas chosen to launch a new nationwide project.

This project is to install solar panels on commercial and community rooftops to tackle climate change. 

Big Solar Co-op (BSC) is a national community energy organisation aiming to unlock the huge potential of rooftop solar for cutting carbon emissions.

Its target is to install 100MW by 2030 (equivalent to the energy used by about 30,000 homes).

The Big Solar Co-op is working with Transition Stroud to achieve a local target of 400kW of rooftop solar energy within the first year.

Stroud News and Journal: The Big Solar Co-op core team (back left to right) Chris Rigby, Kevin Oubridge, Maria Ardley, Nancy Touré, (front) Jon Hallé, Noël LambertThe Big Solar Co-op core team (back left to right) Chris Rigby, Kevin Oubridge, Maria Ardley, Nancy Touré, (front) Jon Hallé, Noël Lambert

That’s about 8 tennis courts’ worth of roof space.

Rodborough resident Maria Ardley has been appointed as the Big Solar Co-op’s local coordinator. 


“Like the rest of the UK, Stroud experienced record high temperatures this week showing how urgently we need to take action on climate change,” Maria Ardley said.

“There are plenty of large rooftops in the area which could host solar panels.

“As a non-profit group, the Big Solar Co-op offers an attractive proposition for building managers and owners as there are no capital costs, but big financial and carbon savings to be made.”

Fred Barker, a director of Transition Stroud, said: “This collaboration offers us a great opportunity to see more solar put onto the roofs of large buildings in Stroud. 

“This would help meet our target of net zero carbon emissions across the district by 2030, as well as saving building-owners money on their energy bills.”

Jon Hallé, co-founder of Big Solar Co-op, said: “We’ve come up with an offer which is much more appealing to big energy users than commercial rent-a-roof schemes.

“Our terms are more flexible and as a carbon-first organisation we are not taking big profits out so the savings to host sites are significant.

“We also have a great offer for volunteers who want to make more solar happen in their neighbourhood.

“By operating across the UK and providing support through a broad network we can make it happen together and make a difference to climate change.”

“As a rough guide, suitable rooftops need to be south, east or west-facing and in sound condition, with a surface area around the size of a tennis court (300m²).  

“The building will also need to have significant daytime electricity usage throughout the year.”

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