Bikes and Stihl equipment stolen during spate of break-ins in Chedworth

Police are urging Chedworth residents to remain vigilant following a spate of burglaries and shed break ins.

Over the past week, officers have received a number of reports, with bikes and Stihl equipment stolen.

In a community alert send out to residents, it said: “Over the past week we have had a burglary and some shed breaks in the Chedworth area.

“With Stihl equipment we suggest painting your post code on the side of the equipment in bright Hammerite paint.

“This will put off anyone wanting to take them, as they will have to get the paint off the item which takes time, not a fast sell.

“With push bikes register them at, and there is also helpful information on keeping your bike safe. Also make sure all bikes are locked up.”

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