Bishop’s Candy opens in Bishops Walk Shopping Centre, Cirencester

Bishop’s Candy, based in Bishops Walk Shopping Centre, opened a few weeks ago.

The shop offers a selection of American imported candy, chocolate and savory snacks, plus English confectionary starting from as little as 10 pence.

It is owned and run by local husband and wife team Rikki and Matt who have lived in Cirencester for many years.

“I became unemployed last year,” said Rikki. 

“After spending many summers as a child visiting family in Florida I wanted to bring a small piece of my childhood to Cirencester.

“We have both felt very welcomed to Bishops walk. 

“Before opening this shop we ran a local delivery company which no longer became viable once Uber and Deliveroo came to the town.”

Bishop’s Candy is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 11am to 5.30pm with slightly reduced hours on the weekend. 






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