BOEING 747: Video of plane landing for last time at Cotswold Airport

This was the moment the last ever flight by a British Airways 747 landed at the Cotswold Airport in Kemble.

British Airways’ last two Heathrow-based Boeing 747 planes made their final flights this morning.

The jumbo jets, one of which was painted in the BA heritage “Negus” livery, departed Heathrow Airport at around 8.30am.

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The G-CIVY model landed at St Athan airfield near Cardiff Airport whilst the G-CIVB model landed at Cotswold Airport at around 10.30am, with poor weather conditions delaying its landing by over an hour.

It comes following the retirement of the airline’s fleet of 747-400, which was brought forward as a result of the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the airline and the aviation sector.

Thanks to @Eng32Mike on Twitter who captured the moment the Boeing 747 landed at Cotswold Airport.

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