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We offer a limited amount of companies in Gloucestershire, Bristol and around the UK a standalone monthly website SEO, internet marketing and social media booster package which includes setting up over 100 UK Citations, 70+ top Social media networks and there company details being seen on over 150 UK newspaper directories. After this we will then auto sync daily up-dates to over 20 social media networks and allow access to your very own password securred ‘My Social’ control panel where you can write, publish, also reply to comments, on 10+ social networks, and also have access to on demand detailed analytic reports all from one simple secure control panel.

SEO Package includes:

✓ 100+ UK Citations – We will setup all 100+ magor UK local Citation / Directories and full profile setup. Sites include: Foursquare, Yelp, thomsonlocal, Scoot, FreeIndex. HotFrong etc. Also includes Local IP, Description, Logo, Address, telephone and Web link inside Listing.
✓ 70+ Social Media Profiles – We will boost your branding, ranking and authority by adding 70+ more social networks. Sites such as: Blogger, Flipboard, Instapaper, LiveJournal, Medium, Scoop.It, SETT and blogpost to name a few.
✓ 150+ UK directories – Your company details (Name, descriotion, telephone and website etc) will be added to over 150+ newspaper directories around the UK. Sites such as: ‘Bristol post’, Gazette Live’, Gloucestershire Live, Wilts Glos Standard etc etc.
✓ Index All Links
✓ ‘My Social’ Control Panel – Full access to your very own secure ‘My Social’ control panel where you can publish, or auto sync, and reply to the top 10+ social media networks all from once place. Sites include: Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, VK and Tubmlr
✓ Auto publish your Social Media – We will also set-up your RSS feed to auto publish all posts to over 25+ social media networks.
✓ Engagment & analytics reports – If you are serious about social media then having up-dated analytical data reports is a must so from within your ‘My Social’ control panel you will be able to view and print unlimited data reports.
✓ Dedicated Account manager (Me)

For full details visit either our Website SEO and social media booster packagepage or start from ‘The Traffic SEO‘ home page.

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